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Neo-Nazi Steven Wiegand of Micetrap Distribution Exposed

Updated 3/18/2015: WordPress can go screw. Put the original pictures back.

Update 2/7/20015: Despite claims that us outing him was “advertising” his business and leading to “booming sales,” (lol) Wiegand has been complaining to WordPress repeatedly about this article.  First he tried to file a copy write complaint about using pictures from his website but WordPress decided this was fair use.  Then he complained that posting the license plates of cars observed parked at his home violated the site’s terms of service about posting personal information, despite plate number not being mentioned in said terms.  This time WordPress caved so the license plate numbers have been removed.

UPDATED 2/4/2015: We somehow forgot to mention Wiegand’s brief and tumultuous affair with The National Alliance. A review of his rogue’s gallery entry at One People’s Project reminded us and an addition has been made.

Note: This is part of a regular feature exposing Neo-Nazis in our area. Check back for updates and info on more scum.


Steven Wiegand, the single most prolific distributor of Neo-Nazi music and propaganda in the U.S.

Steven Wiegand, the single most prolific distributor of Neo-Nazi music and propaganda in the U.S.

Steven Wiegand is a Neo-Nazi, apparently. According to a source who went to school with him, Wiegand grew up in nearby Pennsauken, NJ.  He has run a Neo-Nazi music label and distro called Micetrap Distributions, LLC. since 1994. Micetrap distributes a huge catalog of Neo-Nazi music, clothing and literature.

Some of the literature being sold on Micetrap, including writings by murderer and terrorist David Lane.

Some of the literature being sold on Micetrap, including writings by murderer and terrorist David Lane.

Some of the musical releases Wiegand has been selling for the past 20+ years include:

“Too White For You” and “Racially Motivated Violence” by Angry Aryans
“Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads” by Grinded Nig
“The White Race Will Prevail” by Race War
“Keep The Hate Alive” by Racist Redneck Rebels
“Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction” by Warbutcher
and, who could forget the classic “Der Ewige Jude” by Volkszorn
The entire Skrewdriver discography

Steve Wiegand makes a living selling this shit to teenagers.

Steve Wiegand makes his living selling this shit to teenagers.

The label has always been registered to a P.O. Box in Maple Shade, NJ, right over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philly.  Recently, Wiegand booked a show by Atlantic City “Skinheads” band Aggravated Assualt at an Outlaws Biker clubhouse in North Philly.   Eventually, the show drew so much negative attention that it was cancelled. So Wiegand is a Nazi and should be treated like one if encountered. Simple enough.

However, after a little research Wiegand’s history is anything but simple.

Wiegand has been hanging around the Atlantic City “Skinheads” since he first became a bonehead, and retains close ties with the group and it’s leader Warren Mieckle, but it is still unclear if he has ever been a member. Wiegand’s first known WP crew affiliation was with a group known as the White Victory Skins (WVS), a short-live South Jersey bonehead crew. According to several sources formerly and currently imbedded in the WN movement,  Wiegand turned state’s evidence and provided video to the Pemberton, NJ Borough court showing WVS’ leader, Dennis Lurty, JR. possessing a gun as a convicted felon. As a result, for the past 15 years very few people in the “White Nationalist” movement have wanted anything to do with Wiegand.  Since that incident, Weigand has also drawn heat from certain sectors of the WP/WN scene for printing and selling designs that he didn’t create on t-shirts: several belonging to WP band The Blue Eyed Devils and a “S.H.A.R.P. Shooter” T-shirt originally designed by the Keystone State “Skinheads.” S.H.A.R.P. stands for “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice,” a.k.a. known as real skinheads.

Wiegand is also involved in performing on, producing and printing Neo-Nazi records.  His website advertises for Racist and Nazi bands to contact him or mail him demos.  He offers to distribute their work “to every interested record label and zine in the world.”

…(Wiegand) joined the National Alliance in January, 2000, but by the end of the year, a message from Billy Roper listed Micetrap Distribution and Steve Wiegland as “enemies” of National Alliance. This may stem from the accusation that Micetrap sent a computer virus to NA headquarters.” (Rogue’s Gallery Entry).

In 2004 Wiegand was fired from his job managing a gas station in Marlton, NJ after 2 newspapers wrote articles about him moving Micetrap to Maple Shade. Wiegand sued the company and in court documents claimed to not be a a Neo-Nazi, but that he found the racist, sexist, homophobic and pro-nazi material to be “funny.”  Though Wiegand was forced to admit on the stand that material on his site identified Adolph Hitler as a god and had numerous references to murdering just about everyone but him and his fellow Nazis.

During his deposition for the lawsuit, Wiegand was asked why he posed for this picture. His response was"no reason."  If you're going to be the kind of shit stain that profits off mass murder, at least don't be a coward about it too.

During his deposition for the lawsuit, Wiegand was asked why he posed for this picture. His response was”no reason.” If you’re going to be the kind of shit stain that profits off mass murder, at least don’t be a coward about it too.

Wiegand owns and lives at 55 Grant Avenue in Cherry Hill, NJ.

If you zoom in on the back windows of the white SUV, you'll notice the window decals are Micetrap logos

If you zoom in on the back windows of the white SUV, you’ll notice the window decals are Micetrap logos


It’s a white Ford Explorer, NJ MNB 76H

In addition to the SUV, Wiegand or someone else living at the house drive a Black Mustang and a Black Sedan.

As deplorable as it is to be an earnest Nazi, Wiegand is something even worse. He is a Nazi: for him to suggest anything else is laughable; but he is also a profiteer, police informant and two-faced hypocrite. One only needs to glance at his deposition from the aforementioned lawsuit to see that he is incapable of owning up to his affiliations and activities. He, like ACS and so many other Fascists and Crypto-Fascists these days, hides behind humor and irony instead of owning up to being part of that lineage.  But whether he thinks it’s funny or not is actually really irrelevant.

Wiegand has profited for over 2 decades by spreading some of the most vile and bigoted music and literature in the world.   Often, the people he sells it to are young and very impressionable to the message of racist, sexist and homophobic violence that permeates everything Micetrap releases.  People like Christopher Crumb, who murdered a disabled elderly black man in an unprovoked and random attack in Atlantic City in order to try and impress his buddies in the Atlantic City “Skinheads.”  People like Walter Dille, an Atlantic City “Skinheads” member who killed a black woman in a botched carjacking. People like Michel Gunnar and Kyle Powell who were convicted of hate crime charges for a random and unprovoked attack on two Egyptian men in East Windsor in 2011 alongside ACS member Chris Ising.  We’re willing to bet that, more often than not, the Nazis involved in these and thousands of similar murders and assaults have ordered something from Micetrap records at some point in their lives.

Those albums and books and videos encouraged these acts. Wiegand not only distributes them, but he produces more. He (through Micetrap) glorifies imprisoned Nazi murders as heroes and POW’s.  He has spread a message of extermination of Jews, people of color, Anti-Racists and feminists. Wiegand may never have physically harmed anyone, but he has blood on his hands.

Very few individuals we’ve encountered in Neo-Nazi and White Power movements has done so much damage without ever being held accountable. Neo-Nazi label Resistance Records at it’s peak involved hundreds of Nazis working together all over the U.S. and Canada.  Whereas, as far as anyone can tell Micetrap is solely Wiegand’s venture.  Judging by his window decal and Micetrap logo tattoo, one he is proud of.

party is over, fucker

party is over, fucker

We intend to shut down Micetrap Distributions for good.  We are calling on Antifascists everywhere to help us.  Making money for 20+ years by helping poison the young and confused into violent Fascists and Nazis is unforgivable.  We can’t go back in time but we can take steps to fight back today.

If you have more information on Steven Wiegand or Micetrap Distributions, or want to get involved in helping shut them down, we can be reached at

Be seeing you.


UPDATED: White Power Show Booked in North Philly For January 10th CANCELLED


Updated 1/8/2015: We at Antifa Philadelphia are happy to announce that the show has been cancelled. Apparently the attention drawn to the show by Antifascists was picked up on by several local media outlets, which led to the Mayor Nutter’s office calling the Outlaws directly and asking them to cancel the show, citing safety concerns.

You might notice from the City Paper article linked above that the show’s organizer, Steven Weigand, disassociated himself from the event claiming it appeared to him “to have been made by the Communist blogs or Daryl[e] Lamont Jenkins.”

Fortunately, Atlantic City “Skinheads” member Chris Arlan (who posts as ‘AC Skin’ on Stormfront) never misses an opportunity to promote a show for his buddy Warren:


Maybe Arlan was in on the OPP conspiracy to defame Wiegand, who denies booking the show but still claims his free speech was impeded on when people announced that it had been booked, but we doubt it.

Chris and Melissa Arlan

Chris and Melissa Arlan, ACS Scum

Soon after we posted our alert, Arlan was back on Stormfront:



racially “conscience?”

Thank you to who helped spread the word when we heard about this show short-notice, and the individuals and groups who came forward and offered to help organize a response.

To the boneheads we know are reading this right now, who made snide comments when we posted the alert claiming the show would “never be cancelled:” eat shit. It took less than 48 hours from Antifascists finding out about the show until the venue canceled. Philly is done with ACS. Done with KSS. Done with Micetrap, Blood and Honour, KKK and all the rest. Quit the shit and act right or get/stay the fuck out.

Antifa Philadelphia

Updated 1/5/2015: Fixed spelling on Steve Wiegand’s name.tumblr_nhl5y23V5D1sy0xpro1_1280

Note: thanks to Wobbly Dash for the concise list of Aggravated Assault and Micetrap Distribution’s releases.

According to a flyer circulating on social media, Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) band Aggravated Assault is scheduled to play a show at the Outlaws Biker Gang clubhouse at 2103 E. Somerset Street in Philly on January 10th.

Aggravated Assault dates back to the late 1980’s. It’s members are all ACS with strong ties to the Eastern Hammerskins and NJ Prison Skins.  It is fronted by Warren Meickle, the de-facto head of ACS. That is, since their founder Bryan Bradley was killed by a bolt of lightning while working on the construction site of the short-lived Revel Casino in Atlantic City in 2011. Meickle also fronts a band called Chaos 88 (88 = HH = Heil Hitler)

Warren Mieckle, Atlantic City Bonehead and singer of Aggravated Assault

Warren Meickle, Atlantic City Bonehead and singer of Aggravated Assault

Meickle, their Guitarist Scott Hudson, and the rest of the band are are undiluted Nazis and White Supremacists. Meickle even sports a portrait of Hitler on his stomach set against a giant flaming Swastika. Some of their songs include:

“Kill A Red”
“The Eternal Jew”
“Get Out”
“Fetch The Rope”
“Sieg Heil”
“Border Patrol”
“Filthy Whore”
“Skin For Life”
“Hammer Joe” (a reference to dead Hammerskin Joe Rowan)
“Mud Control” (“Mud People” is a slur popular among Nazis to describe people of color. It is based in the Christian Identity doctrine that claims god made non-whites from mud.)

Scott Hudson and Warren Meickle

Scott Hudson and Warren Meickle

Here is an old video of Aggravated Assault that was part of a compilation being distributed by European Boneheads in the 90s. It includes live footage as well as the band members being all-too-clear about their Racist Nazi Fascist views.

The show is being promoted by Micetrap Distribution, LLC, which is run out of Maple Shade, NJ by a longtime Neo-Nazi named Steve Wiegand.

Some of Micetrap’s releases have included:

“Too White For You” and “Racially Motivated Violence” by Angry Aryans
“Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads” by Grinded Nig
“The White Race Will Prevail” by Race War
“Keep The Hate Alive” by Racist Redneck Rebels
“Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction” by Warbutcher
and, who could forget the classic “Der Ewige Jude” by Volkszorn
as well as reprints of pretty much everything Skrewdriver

Steve Wigant, owner-operator of White Power online store Micetrap Distributions

Steve Wiegand, owner-operator of White Power label and store Micetrap Distributions

Wiegand has been around for years, recording and distributing Neo-Nazi music and merch since the early days of the internet.  He has a reputation as a profiteer making money off the White Nationalist movement by many people on both sides of the fence, and was at least for a time targeted by certain boneheads because he was distributing bootlegs of early shows by legendary Antifascist Oi band The Angelic Upstarts, thereby demonstrating his lack of real dedication to “the cause.”

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club dates back to the mid 1930’s with chapters all over the Country as well as in Britain and other nations. They are a 1%er club (a reference to the former President of the American Motorcyclist Association saying that “99% of Motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens”) that engages in a litany of illegal activities ranging from mail fraud and drug running to extortion and murder. According to Wikipedia, “On August 24, 2009, 15 members of the Outlaws Philadelphia chapter were arrested in connection with a methamphetamine ring. Those arrested included chapter president Thomas “The Boss” Zaroff, Jr., and Charles “The Panhead” Rees. According to Pennsylvania District Attorney Tom Corbett, the gang sold methamphetamine in Philadelphia… Pennsylvania and… New Jersey.”  However, the Outlaws seem most notorious for their violent conflicts with other MC’s, especially the Hell’s Angels.

The relationship between 1%er Motorcycle Clubs and Neo-Nazi crews like ACS or the Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) is varied and always in flux.  Most 1%er MC’s are all white and there is a prevalent culture of racism and white supremacy in many of them that is often hardened by prison and it’s racial segregation and animosity. This situation is fostered and made worse by the Guards and Prison Officials in order to keep the prisoners divided against each other.  The Outlaws, Pagans and Warlocks among other 1%er MC’s have former bonehead members, some of whom have risen to leadership positions.  That said, for many members of these clubs Fascist politics have little to no appeal.

There are those in the Fascist camp hostile to bikers and their lifestyle as well. When the Neo-Nazi Vinlanders Social Club (VSC) message board was hacked by Anonymous a few years back, Antifascists found a few messages between a couple Vinlanders, Ryan Broverone (formerly of NJ living in Arizona at the time of the message) and “Tommy” A.K.A. “Bull” from Florida, repeating an oft-heard complaint among “serious” White Supremacists about the biker gangs and their culture (notes and bold added by us):

Subject: Re: ?
From: Bull (
To: RyanTheRage (
Date: August 19, 2010, 10:13 am

Im still on good with the outlaws. Every now and then they ask me to publicly side with them, hang out at a big function or come back. I just tell them im on another path.

The ha (Hell’s Angels) is still pushing into forida. The warlocks are buddies with them. The pagans are here big time now. No one is happy with that. jody and our ex probate john boy are both patched warlocks. A couple of our old supporter guys are probates for them. The warlocks are weak motherfuckers. I stay good with them too, but they are a joke. They have numbers and will shoot. Thats why they stand up to the ols (Outlaws)

Subject: Re: ?
From: RyanTheRage (
To: Bull (
Date: August 20, 2010, 9:50 am

Fucking bullshit. Yea I know they are no joke. I knew of a few Pagans when I lived in Jersey and they were no joke. But the idea of honor escaped them lol. They are all junkies.

Ryan Broverone, VSC and Blood and Honour member

Ryan Broverone, Vinlanders and Blood and Honour member

These are not uncommon charges. A few years ago Aryan Nations head August Kreis attempted to start an exclusively Neo-Nazi biker gang but recruited an undercover FBI agent to run it and ended up getting a bunch of his friends arrested. It is rumored that one of those arrested in the sting is the son of an Outlaws MC member in Florida.

The Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) have made many statements in the past 10 years claiming to be virulently Anti-Drug, especially when that drug dealing is being done by White People to White People, as is commonly the case in biker meth rings.   KSS is also part of the Blood and Honour network, which counts Broverone and the rest of the Vinlanders as members. Yet Philadelphia KSS head A.J. Olsen is a friend of Meickle and a fan of Aggravated Assault who in all likelihood will be attending the show on the 10th. KSS has also booked several Aggravated Assault and Chaos 88 shows over the years so there will definitely be several of their members in attendance as well.

It is unknown how close the ties are between the Philly Outlaws MC and ACS, KSS and Micetrap Distribution.  We will post more information as we get it.We are asking our readers to help spread this information far and wide.

In Solidarity

Antifa Philadelphia

Keystone United Exposed – Anthony James Olsen

Note: This will be a regular feature. Check back for more updates about scum operating in our area.

AJ Olsen at Leif Erikson Day 2013

AJ Olsen at Leif Erikson Day 2013

Anthony James (AJ) Olsen is a longtime Neo-Nazi who co-founded a short lived bonehead crew called the South Jersey Skinheads. SJS was essentially a Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) satellite crew with only 2 members. Since relocating to Philadelphia from Sicklerville, NJ, Olsen has risen through the ranks of KSS and become their main organizer in Philadelphia.  Olsen also organized an counter-protest the The March Against Racists and Rapists, bringing a dozen Neo-Nazis into the city to help him harass and threaten people for being against Racism and Rape.

Olsen and fellow KSS members protesting Anti-Racists in Tacony section of Philly, Oct. 2014

Olsen and fellow KSS members protesting Anti-Racists in Tacony section of Philly, Oct. 2014

Olsen has organized several Neo-Nazi rallies in Fairmount Park each October, which he bills as a “Leif Erikson Day Celebration.” Olsen also helps organize Neo-Nazi Hate rock shows in secret that are used to find new recruits as well as spread their poisonous ideology. He is a regular at almost every Neo-Nazi event in the tri-state area.

This is one of several Nazi shows Olsen has helped organize.

This is one of several Nazi shows Olsen has helped organize.

Olsen attending an event organized by Polish Neo-Nazis in Jersey City NJ in 2012

Olsen and other KSS members attended an event organized by Polish Neo-Nazis in Jersey City NJ in 2012

Olsen may be working as security or an exterminator. He lives with his girlfriend, Briana Pietropaula, who is a supporter of KSS. Sources within KSS report that she is very unstable mentally and that Olsen is emotionally abusive and neglectful, as well as openly unfaithful, using Craigslist to try and arrange meetups with young women in the area.

Briana Pietropaula and AJ Olsen

“But the piggy-back rides are cool.”

Olsen and Pietropaula are living at 2913 Knorr Street.

If you encounter Olsen please treat him as the Neo-Nazi scum he is. We have the right to keep our city clean of hate-mongers and fascists, especially those involved in violence against those that live here.  The first step is awareness of the problem.

Be part of the solution to inequality. Be Anti-Fascist.

RAF_Mod Roundel 1

TONIGHT – We Stand With Ferguson: The Day After the Grand Jury Decision

After Mike Brown was murdered in cold blood by racist cop Darren Wilson, the people of Ferguson rose up to demand justice. Their struggle inspired people all across the country and even the world.

We will rally at Broad and Cecil B. Moore Ave. We also hope to work with groups around the city to coordinate an even larger response. From Ferguson to Philadelphia, we will resist the war on Black people.


Mike Brown

Oscar Grant

Sean Bell

Barry Deloatch

Eric Gardner

For them. For the others. For ourselves. For liberty, solidarity and equality. They’re never gonna stop until we fucking stop them.

Keystone United Exposed – Bob Gaus

Note: This will be a regular feature. Check back for more updates about scum operating in our area.

Bob Gaus, KSS co-founder. Lives in Harrisburg.

Bob Gaus at 2013 Leif Erikson Day Celebration

Robert Gaus has been a Neo-Nazi bonehead since the late 80’s. He co-founded the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), also known as Keystone United (KU) or the Be Active Front (BAF). We have written extensively on here about KSS and their members’ history of assault, rape and murder all while publically representing themselves as a non-violent organization.

Gaus is an alcoholic who was in court recently for his 3rd DUI charge. He was facing up to two years in prison but was still out as of October 25th’s secretly-organized “Leif Erikson Day Celebration” event in Philadelphia. Gaus pled guilty alongside fellow Nazis Doug Sonier and Joseph Hoesch for assault for a 2002 assault in a Diner in Feasterville, PA after a man asked them to stop throwing food at his table. Gaus is always at the Leif Ericson Day celebrations in Philly and almost any other Neo-Nazi event in PA.

“In 2001, Gaus was arrested on charges that he was in possession of a firearm with its serial number altered. He was arrested again on a simple assault charge that was dismissed. In 2011, he was arrested on his first drunk driving infraction.”

Gaus runs a clothing company called Brutal Force Athletics. He registered the company as a trademark, listing his address as 5970 LINGLESTOWN RD HARRISBURG, PA 17112-1126.

Gaus works as a bouncer at a Savanah’s on Hannah strip club located at 1000 Hannah St., Harrisburg PA. We would like to encourage our readers to call the club at 717-233-1100 and register your complaint that they would have a founder and leader of a Neo-Nazi organization with a history of rape, murder and assaults around their dancers and patrons. We would also like to ask our readers help us in exposing Brutal Force Athletics as being run by a Neo-Nazi scumbag.

Brutal Force athletics has a public (for now) facebook group.


Be aware that the page has a good amount of Neo-Nazis on it, which is not a surprise. It also has people who seem to have no knowledge of Gaus’ affiliations or past. This is information that should interest them.

Gaus is reportedly engaged to Valerie Simmons, another longtime Neo-Nazi who was previously in a relationship with Owen Carr of the Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) before Carr’s untimely death.

Valierie Sessions and bob gause kss invitees

According to sources within KSS, Gaus’ ex-wife left him citing repeated infidelity and neglect among other reasons and took their two daughters to Hawaii. Gaus has another two children from a former partner who is now deceased.

UPDATED: Victory: KSS Quietly Cancels Leif Erikson Day Event, Rallies Against Immigration in Suburbs

Antifa Arrows 1

Update 10/28/2014: Predictably and pathetically, the day after this post a group of around 15-20 Boneheads associated with KSS from as far as Indiana showed up in Fairmount Park and posed for photos. DLJ has the full story at One People’s Project, but we got news for you boneheads: holding a secret celebration on October 25th for a Holiday that is October 9th may be a good way to avoid opposition, but it isn’t an effective way to grow your movement. With that in mind, we are not going to change the headline or body of text of this article.

The Leif Erikson Day Celebration was an event held in Philadelphia every year since 2007 that brought Neo-Nazis from all over the country to our city under the guise of celebrating a Nordic Explorer.   It was, in reality, an attempt by the Keystone State “Skinheads” to hold a public presence in Philadelphia, if only for one day a year, while pushing their “family friendly” brand of Neo-Nazism.

Antifa Philadelphia is pleased to announce that, following their embarrassing defeat last year, KSS did not hold their Leif Erikson Day event in 2014, choosing instead to rally against illegal immigration in Mossic, PA alongside local republicans and militia members. Daryl from One People’s Project has more info about that event and a grassroots opposition already developing out there to KSS.

This is a significant victory. This event was a feather in the cap of KSS. In previous years it drew upwards of 75 hardcore Nazi Boneheads and some years it drew little to no opposition at all. Groups that had attended the event in the past included the Vinlanders Social Club, Blood and Honour, Advanced White Society, The Hated Skins, The Aryan Terror Brigade, Volksfront the Blood and Honour. Unlike most public events organized by Nazis, KSS was able to avoid large opposition to Leif Ericson Day by carefully hiding their real affiliations and goals. Until last year.

Antifa Philadelphia made it a goal to put a stop to Leif Erikson Day for good. We participated in a coalition of groups known as Residents Against Racism who rallied over 200 people to protest KSS. A blockade of Antifascists stopped the Nazis from holding their traditional “march” down Lemon Hill, forcing them to break ranks and be marched down hand in hand by Philly PD.  Sources within KSS tell us the event was considered a huge embarrassment and waste of resources by most of the Nazis who attended. But that was only the beginning.

Following LED, Antifa Philadelphia launched “Operation: Full Consequences.” We exposed almost every person who attended the event. We outed the band that played the after-party and who are Nazis themselves, Norsewind, and got them removed from at least one show, with more to come. We took the fight to KSS where they live and exposed them to their neighbors, driving one of their members to renounce the group entirely and another 2 members to move out of the city. It’s no surprise that when October rolled around again this year, KSS would quietly post a “Happy Leif Erikson Day” message on their blog with no mention of the event having ever existed.

It is worth noting that in one previous year KSS did not hold their event, and then threw together a quick photo op in Fairmount Park after Antifascists called them out.  It is irrelevant whether a handful of Nazis manage to secretly converge at a statue for a half an hour.  The fact that KSS is not able to openly organize or rally and are forced to maneuver in secret is in itself a victory that makes it clear that Philly will not be safe territory for fascists.

It is important to recognize and savor these victories. However, this was just one battle in a war against racism and fascism. Antifa Philadelphia will continue to expose, oppose and confront these groups and their supporters. This fight can be won, and we intend to win.


Antifa Philadelphia

What They Mean When They Say Community: Reportback from March Against Racists and Rapists

On September 6th, Antifa Philadelphia held a small demonstration and March in the Tacony section of North Philly. The motivation and call can be read here.

When we arrived, we were greeted by some opposition. “Wait,” you say… “How could anyone oppose something called ‘The March Against Racists and Rapists?’”

Enter Keystone United, also known as the Keystone State “Skinheads.”


KSS was so terrified of this event that they called every person they could to get them to come back them up. All in all, they called out about 10-20 boneheads who proceeded to threaten and harass protestors as they arrived. They were joined by one family, who has produced to date at least 2 Neo-Nazi scum spawn, and the head of the Tacony town watch, who was mad about being trolled by an Antifa Philadelphia member online after calling on us to cancel our march in the name of “maintaining the peace.” A member who told him exactly how we feel about groups like his. He had also alerted the police and must have told him something pretty wild because they were out in force that day.

A few days ago, KSS released their take on the events on their blog. Typical for Fascists, it was laughably inaccurate.

First, they referenced an incident a week earlier when a 9 year old boy was grazed by a bullet at the same intersection, and criticized Antifascists for not being out there to protest against gun violence; members of a Neo-Nazi gang of assaulters, rapists and murderers.

Ah, yes, "Stop the Violence"

I think we all remember KSS’ classic “Stop the Gun Violence” campaign.

The Nazis claimed that the only people at the march were a handful of Antifa Philadelphia members while they received community support from “many locals of every race and color.”

In sum, KSS’ report back was another example of KSS tying to paint adversaries as “outside agitators.”


For a group that isn’t the Klan, KSS sure is the Klan.

Forgetting even for a moment that we don’t need anyone’s permission to protest against Nazis and Rapists, KSS is just lying.

Here is the entire opposition to the March Against Racists and Rapists, minus at most 1-3 people.


We know these faces. They came from Harrisburg. Scranton. Mechanicsburg. Altoona. New Jersey. KSS was so scared by this march they rang the alarm to their entire network of members and supporters. Those are the people who came out in Tacony against us to accuse us of being “outside agitators.”

This is what KSS means when it says “community.” It means their community of White Fascists. That’s who counts in their mind. The people that came out to support Antifa Philadelphia, the people who we spoke with while flyering that neighborhood during the lead up for the march who expressed sympathy for our goals, the people of color and GLBT and anti-racists could never be from “their” community.

Here are some of the Nazis who opposed Antifa Philadelphia and our supporters.

Anthony James Olsen, Director of Philly KSS. Lives at 2913 Knorr street in Mayfair.

Anthony James Olsen, Director of Philly KSS. Lives at 2913 Knorr street in Mayfair.

Joseph Phy, KSS - 4383 Salmon St., Philadelphia PA

Joseph Phy, Philly KSS member – 4383 Salmon St. in Bridesburg.

Steve Smith (l), KSS Chairman. Steve's dancing partner is Blood and Honour Nazi and convicted murderer Charles Marovskis

Steve Smith (l), KSS Chairman. Lives in Luzerne County. Steve’s dancing partner is Blood and Honour Nazi and convicted murderer Charles Marovskis

Pat Rodgers, KSS supporter who we last heard was being indicted for Child Endangerment. Hope KSS is as concerned about those kids as they are about the one who got grazed by that stray bullet.

Pat Rodgers, KSS supporter who we last heard was being indicted for Child Endangerment. Hope KSS is as concerned about those kids as they are about the one who got grazed by that stray bullet. Also not from Philly.

Ron Sheehy, member of Advance White Society  from Linden, NJ.

Ron Sheehy, member of Advanced White Society from Linden, NJ.

Bob Gaus, KSS co-founder. Lives in Harrisburg.

Bob Gaus, KSS co-founder. Lives in Harrisburg.

Joseph Hoesch KSS invitee

Joseph Hoesch, KSS Co-Founder. Lives in Abington

Our crowd was almost entirely Philadelphia residents, with the majority being from Tacony. And not only Philly residents, but ones willing to stand out in the pouring rain surrounded by police while Neo-Nazis snarled and screamed at them. And give it back to them. A crowd of people who feel that a situation where Klansman and Nazis are recruiting youth and assaulting women in the street is unacceptable. People interested in little things like freedom and equality. That’s a community. Not a bunch of guys on a phone tree who live hours away from you.

It was inevitable that KSS would try and claim this as a victory. We see it more as the beginning of the end for them in the last neighborhood in Philly they felt safe.

Antifa Philadelphia

P.S. – Daryle at OPP was in attendance and has his take as well.

UPDATED: White Nationalist Band and KSS Associates Norsewind Kicked off Philly Pagan Pride Day

UPDATED 9/15/14: The controversy around Norsewind prompted an excellent article on “The Wild Hunt,” a Neo-Pagan website by guest author Ryan Smith of Heathens United Against Racism. We highly recommend reading it.

Our favorite part:

The greater patterns of misogyny, racism, fundamentalism, homophobic and transphobic words and deeds do not solely exist in the mainstream. Many of these assumptions are at work in our communities and in our movement. If we dig out the organized, most egregious examples of these toxins by root, stem, and branch, but leave undisturbed the soil in which their seeds first took root, then we will be passing this terrible burden on to the next generation of Heathens. Without decisively removing the ubiquitous influence of systemic prejudices against the marginalized in our society, then any immediate success over organized hate groups will be at best a fleeting victory. – See more at:
White Nationalist Band Norswind. From left to right: Anna Hagalaz, Daniel Norris and Paul Fredericks

White Nationalist Band Norsewind. From L to R: Anna Hagalaz, Daniel Norris and Paul Fredericks

Tomorrow, Saturday 8/30 in Clark Park, is The Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day.  This event will bring together pagans, heathens and other adherents of non-Abrahamic faiths. Unfortunately, a band with strong ties to the Keystone State “Skinheads” was scheduled to play at this family-friendly event.  Fortunately, after the organizers of the event were alerted by Philly Antifa and supporters in the philly pagan community, Norsewind was removed from the bill.

A statement from the organizers of Philly Pagan Pride Day:

PRESS RELEASE August 23rd, 2014

The mission of the Pagan Pride Project is to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community. In keeping with that mission, Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day is intended to bring together Heathens and Pagans of all traditions to advance understanding, communication, and fellowship among the various communities.

Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day is an open, public, family-friendly harvest event. We welcome anyone to participate who supports our mission and/or wishes to learn more about the Pagan community and our beliefs. An important facet of the mission is to build community among Pagans, Heathens and adherents of non-traditional faith systems and to educate the greater community about those beliefs. The event is designed as a celebration of life and of a community that contains diverse elements. That being said, we also find hate and intolerance in any form abhorrent and counterproductive to our mission.

We on the board of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day are committed to our stated mission as part of the greater Pagan Pride Project. The integrity of the PPPD and its mission and the safety of the participants are our primary obligations as organizers of the event.

Any decisions made regarding changes to the schedule of events are based solely on the effort to fulfill our mission and to provide an enjoyable and meaningful event for our community. The views, opinions, and outside affiliations of the participants and attendees of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day do not necessarily reflect the views of the organization, its board, or event volunteers.

In love and light, bright blessings,

The Board of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day


That’s really as simple as it was. Despite claims by the band’s drummer Paul Fredericks (aka “Poul Augustsson”) that Antifa Philadelphia had threatened the band, event and organizers, the reality is that a brief e-mail exchange with some pictures made it perfectly clear that Norsewind and the people they were inviting to Pagan Pride Day were not in synch with their stated mission. We would like to commend the organizers for taking action as soon as they learned of Norsewind’s affiliations.

Antifascists first heard about Norsewind in 2009.  Two of their members, Daniel Norris (aka “Danjul Norse”) and Daniel Riegel (who has since died and been replaced by Hagalaz) attended KSS’ Leif Ericson Day Celebration in Fairmount Park.  Daryle from One People’s Project was there to show opposition and filmed the event. Riegel was very vocal and came up to argue with Daryle at the end of the video. Because the extent of their ties to KSS were not known at the time, people gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were just duped viking nerds.

All that's missing is the longboats. Also, both these guys are wearing Leif Ericson Day shirts in this picture.

All that’s missing are the long-ships. Also, both these guys are wearing Leif Ericson Day shirts in this picture.

Recently, however, it was discovered not only that Norris had been in attendance at the Leif Ericson Day celebration in 2009, but that Norsewind had become something of the KSS house band, playing parties, wakes and even THIS YEAR’S Leif Ericson Day celebration after party.

The band even appears on a Stormfront (the world’s largest neo-nazi message board) thread about “Your Favorite White Nationalist Bands.” The poster, Tremley, is none other than KSS associate Ron Sheehy, a NJ Neo-Nazi and internet troll who Antifa smashed in Harrisburg a while back.

For more info on the band’s connections to KSS and other Nazis:

You want to be the soundtrack to the slow death of the white nationalist movement? Then a lot of promoters and venues won’t any anything to do with you or your core of Nazi fans.



Drive the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis Out of Philly

Neo-Nazis and members of the KKK are living and organizing in Tacony, and Philadelphia in general.  KKK grand dragon William Walters, who lives at 7111Torresdale, infiltrated a local neighborhood watch until he was discovered and expelled.  Following his expulsion, Walters and several other Klansmen staged a demonstration outside the Tacony library.  With almost no notice, a protest was called and many people from Tacony who happened to just be passing by joined with Anti-Racists to oppose the Klan.

Since the rally, Walters has been giving interviews to media advocating for a return to the racism, segregation and sexism of 1860’s America. Walters is also attempting to start his own Klan-run neighborhood watch in Tacony.

Another Racist and Fascist organization operating in the area is the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), also known as Keystone United (KU) and/or the Be Active Front USA (BAF).  Several members and supporters of KSS live in Philadelphia, some of them in Tacony.  KSS organizes a march and rally in Fairmount Park annually (billed as a “Leif Ericson Day” celebration) and has recently been spotted putting up racist and fascist graffiti around North Philly, some of which has been covered up by

Like Walters’ Klan group, KSS claims to not be racist or violent.  But like the KKK, members of KSS have been involved in assault, rape and murder, often purely because of the victims race. In fact, the head (and co-founder) of KSS, Steve Smith, is a former Klansman himself.

Keystone State Skinheads

In May, a supporter of KSS and former attendee at their Leif Ericson Day event, Vincent Pellegrino, raped a woman in Kensington before driving his car into a wall, killing himself.

Vincent’s brother, Nunzio, is a KSS member who as been putting up Nazi and Racist graffiti around Philadelphia. He lives at 6403 Ditman street.

The Philadelphia director of KSS, Anthony James (A.J.) Olsen, lives at 2913 Knorr Street with his girlfriend and KSS Supporter Briana Pietropaula.

Philly KSS member Joseph Phy lives with his partner and fellow Nazi Stacey Sautner at 4383 Salmon Street in Bridesburg.

In good news, shortly after a demonstration by a small group of Tacony residents and Philly Antifa, 2 key organizers for KSS who were also living in Tacony moved out of the city.

Antifa Philadelphia thinks enough is enough.  We are calling on all Anti-Racists, Anti-Fascists, Feminists, GLBT and anyone else opposed to the KKK and KSS organizing and living in our city to join us for a March Against Racists and Rapists through Tacony.

We will gather at the Tacony Library at 6:00pm.

A better world is possible, but not if we have to be dealing with these assholes for the rest of our lives. Be part of the solution to inequality. Be Anti-Fascist.

In Solidarity,
Antifa Philadelphia


WHEN: 6:00 PM SHARP September 6th, 2014

Philly Antifa Marches in Solidarity with Ferguson Insurrection


A few members of Antifa Philadelphia participated in Tonight’s (8/20) Rally and March in Solidarity with the people of Ferguson resisting the police and national guard called by the Travon Martin Organizing Committee.

From the call:

Another Black man dead. This would be just another day like every other day in America, if it weren’t for one simple fact: Ferguson turned out, stood up, and has refused to get back on its knees.

Mike Brown was days away from college? Don’t care.

Didn’t he steal some cigars? Don’t care.

What about the looters? Don’t care.

Mike Brown was black, guilty of only this, which made him guilty of all else: (jay)walking while black, (back)talking while black, breathing while black. Black like Oscar Grant, black like Kathryn Johnson, black like Renisha Mcbride, black like Eric Garner, like Rodney King, like Emmett Till. All black, and all guilty.

Mike Brown’s life was of value–is of value. Full stop. No college degree makes that so; no robbery takes that away. The people of Ferguson recognize this. White supremacy’s subtle baiting of thievery, college degrees and saggy pants and talking back does not.

We talk back. We turn up. We stand tall. With Ferguson–for Mike, for every black body in America robbed of its right to live–for every injustice that we are growing sick and tired of. We are done with your police/media slander campaigns. We are sick with anger.

It is too late for containing it.

Not another. Not another. Not one more.


Turnup for Ferguson in Philly

Turnup for Ferguson in Philly