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ANTI-FASCIST ALERT: Racist, Xenophobic “3%ers” Rallying in Philly Tomorrow 3/5/16


When: March 6th, 2016
When: 12:30pm
Where: 6th and Market

This Saturday, the Three Percenters — a militia grouping with close ties to group of white supremacists, right wing ideologues and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists that recently occupied a wildlife refuge on stolen Native land in Oregon — are coming to Philadelphia and 21 other cities across the country. They will gather in front of regional FBI offices to “avenge the death of Finicum,” the man who was shot by the FBI as the occupation ended, and to gather strength for their cause.

The circumstances of Finicum’s, or the fact that law enforcement in the U.S. clearly has been given a license to kill under any circumstances aside, this group still must be opposed whenever mobilizing in our city. In fact, their attempting to organize in Philly under the auspices of opposition to state violence is even more of a threat because it makes their group seem more relevant and reasonable (as well as media savvy) due to all of all the recent momentum in the BLM movement and other movements against state violence.

Some of the 3%ers attending will most definitely include members of “Americans First,” who recently rallied in Reading and Lancaster against allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. They were opposed by Anti-Fascists at both events.
A protest has been called by Philly Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ), a white liberal Anti-Racist group. In addition, we are calling on all Anti-Fascists to come out and show them some Philly hospitality.

The racists have called their meeting point at liberty plaza at 6th and Market for 1:00-2:00pm. The liberals will be marching in at around that time. We suggest Anti-Fascists should stay in buddies or affinity groups and keep a low profile until the racists show themselves to avoid early police attention. If you get there early to scout around, tweet us @phillyantifa with any info on the movements of the police or 3%ers. Once shit pops off, look for the Antifa Philadelphia banner.

Racists and Xenophobes are not welcome to freely organize in our city. That is true whether if it’s a Klan rally or a group of 3%ers standing around the liberty bell because the FBI shot their friend. We are not moved by their appeals to our opposition to state violence. Where were they for Eric Garner or Oscar Grant or Sandra Bland? Where is their solidarity for the Indigenous people murdered for the formation of their precious America and (white Christian) American Identity that they insist must always be “first?” Indigenous people whose land they occupied from federal control, not to return to the Paiute tribe, but in the name of privatization for capitalist exploitation.

Groups like the 3%ers and other pseudo-revolutionary reactionaries do nothing but harm real movements for liberation and revolution. Their racism and nationalism is incompatible with any sort of free world and we have no intention of letting them come through town without the welcome they deserve.

See you in the streets,