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Ku Klux Klan Routed In Anaheim – Support For Arrested Antifa Needed


For those who haven’t heard, an attempt by the Ku Klux Klan to rally in Anaheim, CA was smashed off the streets by a group of Anti-Fascists and Anti-Racists as soon as they started unloading from their SUV.

From OC Weekly’s report:
“Today’s Ku Klux Klan rally at Anaheim’s Pearson Park turned to chaos before it even started. With no visible police presence at the scene, a black SUV carrying around five Klukkers pulled up by the park shortly after noon. They tried getting Confederate flags and “White Lives Matter” signs down from the back, when protesters swarmed them. After trading insults at each other, the counter-protesters started pummeling the Invisible Empire.”

The Klan immediately abandoned their plans to rally and fled in their SUV, complete with slashed tires and smashed windows. They failed, however, to remember to bring their “Grand Dragon,” who was treated to a boot party by the crowd. At some point in the melee, one of the Klan members stabbed 3 protesters with a pocket knife. All are in stable condition an expected to make a full recovery, but are now facing criminal charges.

Here is some video of the incident:

As usual, police protected the Klan, arresting a dozen protesters, charging 5, and not charging any of the Klansman, saying they “acted in self defense.” The reality is they provoked that situation and no person of color or Antifa in a reversed role would have been let off scot-free after stabbing 3 people in a brawl.

Anaheim has a long history of Klan involvement in law enforcement and city government. In fact, according to the LA Times, back in 1924 when the Klan’s secret membership list was leaked, 9 OUT OF 10 of the officers on the entire Anaheim police force at the time were members of the Klan. Put that together with the fact that both policing and Klan membership are often family tradition, and Orange County being the traditional stronghold of White Supremacists in Southern California, and draw your own conclusions.

Copwatch Santa Ana has set up a Fundraizr site for our POWs. Please give what you can.

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UPDATED: ALERT ALERT SATURDAY 2/6: Racists Rally in Reading, Misogynists/Rape Advocates Rally in Philly

UPDATED: It appears that Return of Kings have cancelled all their public meetups do to the strong likelihood of being totally annihilated. Its members will still be meeting in secret, so one can expect Anti-Fascists aren’t done with this yet.


Anti-Fascists in and around Eastern PA will have their dance card full this Saturday.

First up that morning, there is an Anti-Refugee rally being organized by whatever types of people want to be first in line to oppress and harass people fleeing for their lives under the banner of “America First: End Sharia Law.”  IDAVOX has more info on their site , but the event has the endorsement of at least one PA “politician” Berks County Republican committeeman , and is likely to draw members of the Keystone State “Skinheads” and  “3%ers” movement, a faction of the militia movement that have been in the news recently due to their involvement in the occupation of Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge, which is (of course) stolen Native land.

A counter protest has been announced by Central PA Antifa. Both rallies will take place at the Berks County Court house at Noon on Saturday 2/6/2016. Anyone who can get there to show support to our fellow Anti-Racists and Anti-Fascists should do so.

Finally, here in Philadelphia Saturday night, a demonstration has been called to counter a meetup by a group of internet troll misogynists and “Men’s Rights Activists” that is being organized by (among others) Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh. 


Valizadeh runs a website called “Return of Kings” which specializes in Anti-Women vitriol but also features tons of Anti-GLBT and racist postings (Link is NOT to their stupid fucking site). Valizadeh has been quoted as saying he supports legalizing rape “on private property.”

The meetup is one of over 100 worldwide. If is an effort by Return of Kings members to move from strictly online crying to crying in person. Probably because of the inevitable beating these fools will receive, if not on Saturday then one day really soon.

If you were ever unfortunate enough to read their site, you know that these guys have no idea what they’re talking about. One article they had was literally just 60 sexist quotes from a book of sexist quotations written over 100 years ago as some kind of evidence of the age old wisdom of misogyny in an attempt to get everyone to roll back their concepts of gender and sexuality to the level of the most reactionary idiots publishing books during the McKinley presidency.

What it is about our society that makes us produce people who think they live in a world without consequences? Is it a fundamental misunderstanding of the intent and scope of “freedom of speech?” Who knows?

What is known is that the local Return of Kings meetup rally and redirect point is in Washington Square Park at 7:30pm Saturday night.  A protest has been called at the park for the same time and location. Already Valizadeh is decrying the worldwide effort to shut down his events and (in this author’s opinion) laying the groundwork for what will inevitably be a lot of cancellations and last minute alterations.

Antifa Philadelphia hopes to see everyone in the streets this Saturday.