Neo-Nazi Steven Wiegand of Micetrap Distribution Exposed

Updated 3/18/2015: WordPress can go screw. Put the original pictures back.

Update 2/7/20015: Despite claims that us outing him was “advertising” his business and leading to “booming sales,” (lol) Wiegand has been complaining to WordPress repeatedly about this article.  First he tried to file a copy write complaint about using pictures from his website but WordPress decided this was fair use.  Then he complained that posting the license plates of cars observed parked at his home violated the site’s terms of service about posting personal information, despite plate number not being mentioned in said terms.  This time WordPress caved so the license plate numbers have been removed.

UPDATED 2/4/2015: We somehow forgot to mention Wiegand’s brief and tumultuous affair with The National Alliance. A review of his rogue’s gallery entry at One People’s Project reminded us and an addition has been made.

Note: This is part of a regular feature exposing Neo-Nazis in our area. Check back for updates and info on more scum.


Steven Wiegand, the single most prolific distributor of Neo-Nazi music and propaganda in the U.S.

Steven Wiegand, the single most prolific distributor of Neo-Nazi music and propaganda in the U.S.

Steven Wiegand is a Neo-Nazi, apparently. According to a source who went to school with him, Wiegand grew up in nearby Pennsauken, NJ.  He has run a Neo-Nazi music label and distro called Micetrap Distributions, LLC. since 1994. Micetrap distributes a huge catalog of Neo-Nazi music, clothing and literature.

Some of the literature being sold on Micetrap, including writings by murderer and terrorist David Lane.

Some of the literature being sold on Micetrap, including writings by murderer and terrorist David Lane.

Some of the musical releases Wiegand has been selling for the past 20+ years include:

“Too White For You” and “Racially Motivated Violence” by Angry Aryans
“Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads” by Grinded Nig
“The White Race Will Prevail” by Race War
“Keep The Hate Alive” by Racist Redneck Rebels
“Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction” by Warbutcher
and, who could forget the classic “Der Ewige Jude” by Volkszorn
The entire Skrewdriver discography

Steve Wiegand makes a living selling this shit to teenagers.

Steve Wiegand makes his living selling this shit to teenagers.

The label has always been registered to a P.O. Box in Maple Shade, NJ, right over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philly.  Recently, Wiegand booked a show by Atlantic City “Skinheads” band Aggravated Assualt at an Outlaws Biker clubhouse in North Philly.   Eventually, the show drew so much negative attention that it was cancelled. So Wiegand is a Nazi and should be treated like one if encountered. Simple enough.

However, after a little research Wiegand’s history is anything but simple.

Wiegand has been hanging around the Atlantic City “Skinheads” since he first became a bonehead, and retains close ties with the group and it’s leader Warren Mieckle, but it is still unclear if he has ever been a member. Wiegand’s first known WP crew affiliation was with a group known as the White Victory Skins (WVS), a short-live South Jersey bonehead crew. According to several sources formerly and currently imbedded in the WN movement,  Wiegand turned state’s evidence and provided video to the Pemberton, NJ Borough court showing WVS’ leader, Dennis Lurty, JR. possessing a gun as a convicted felon. As a result, for the past 15 years very few people in the “White Nationalist” movement have wanted anything to do with Wiegand.  Since that incident, Weigand has also drawn heat from certain sectors of the WP/WN scene for printing and selling designs that he didn’t create on t-shirts: several belonging to WP band The Blue Eyed Devils and a “S.H.A.R.P. Shooter” T-shirt originally designed by the Keystone State “Skinheads.” S.H.A.R.P. stands for “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice,” a.k.a. known as real skinheads.

Wiegand is also involved in performing on, producing and printing Neo-Nazi records.  His website advertises for Racist and Nazi bands to contact him or mail him demos.  He offers to distribute their work “to every interested record label and zine in the world.”

…(Wiegand) joined the National Alliance in January, 2000, but by the end of the year, a message from Billy Roper listed Micetrap Distribution and Steve Wiegland as “enemies” of National Alliance. This may stem from the accusation that Micetrap sent a computer virus to NA headquarters.” (Rogue’s Gallery Entry).

In 2004 Wiegand was fired from his job managing a gas station in Marlton, NJ after 2 newspapers wrote articles about him moving Micetrap to Maple Shade. Wiegand sued the company and in court documents claimed to not be a a Neo-Nazi, but that he found the racist, sexist, homophobic and pro-nazi material to be “funny.”  Though Wiegand was forced to admit on the stand that material on his site identified Adolph Hitler as a god and had numerous references to murdering just about everyone but him and his fellow Nazis.

During his deposition for the lawsuit, Wiegand was asked why he posed for this picture. His response was"no reason."  If you're going to be the kind of shit stain that profits off mass murder, at least don't be a coward about it too.

During his deposition for the lawsuit, Wiegand was asked why he posed for this picture. His response was”no reason.” If you’re going to be the kind of shit stain that profits off mass murder, at least don’t be a coward about it too.

Wiegand owns and lives at 55 Grant Avenue in Cherry Hill, NJ.

If you zoom in on the back windows of the white SUV, you'll notice the window decals are Micetrap logos

If you zoom in on the back windows of the white SUV, you’ll notice the window decals are Micetrap logos


It’s a white Ford Explorer, NJ MNB 76H

In addition to the SUV, Wiegand or someone else living at the house drive a Black Mustang and a Black Sedan.

As deplorable as it is to be an earnest Nazi, Wiegand is something even worse. He is a Nazi: for him to suggest anything else is laughable; but he is also a profiteer, police informant and two-faced hypocrite. One only needs to glance at his deposition from the aforementioned lawsuit to see that he is incapable of owning up to his affiliations and activities. He, like ACS and so many other Fascists and Crypto-Fascists these days, hides behind humor and irony instead of owning up to being part of that lineage.  But whether he thinks it’s funny or not is actually really irrelevant.

Wiegand has profited for over 2 decades by spreading some of the most vile and bigoted music and literature in the world.   Often, the people he sells it to are young and very impressionable to the message of racist, sexist and homophobic violence that permeates everything Micetrap releases.  People like Christopher Crumb, who murdered a disabled elderly black man in an unprovoked and random attack in Atlantic City in order to try and impress his buddies in the Atlantic City “Skinheads.”  People like Walter Dille, an Atlantic City “Skinheads” member who killed a black woman in a botched carjacking. People like Michel Gunnar and Kyle Powell who were convicted of hate crime charges for a random and unprovoked attack on two Egyptian men in East Windsor in 2011 alongside ACS member Chris Ising.  We’re willing to bet that, more often than not, the Nazis involved in these and thousands of similar murders and assaults have ordered something from Micetrap records at some point in their lives.

Those albums and books and videos encouraged these acts. Wiegand not only distributes them, but he produces more. He (through Micetrap) glorifies imprisoned Nazi murders as heroes and POW’s.  He has spread a message of extermination of Jews, people of color, Anti-Racists and feminists. Wiegand may never have physically harmed anyone, but he has blood on his hands.

Very few individuals we’ve encountered in Neo-Nazi and White Power movements has done so much damage without ever being held accountable. Neo-Nazi label Resistance Records at it’s peak involved hundreds of Nazis working together all over the U.S. and Canada.  Whereas, as far as anyone can tell Micetrap is solely Wiegand’s venture.  Judging by his window decal and Micetrap logo tattoo, one he is proud of.

party is over, fucker

party is over, fucker

We intend to shut down Micetrap Distributions for good.  We are calling on Antifascists everywhere to help us.  Making money for 20+ years by helping poison the young and confused into violent Fascists and Nazis is unforgivable.  We can’t go back in time but we can take steps to fight back today.

If you have more information on Steven Wiegand or Micetrap Distributions, or want to get involved in helping shut them down, we can be reached at

Be seeing you.


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