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From SS-ARA Blog:


Dear friends and comrades,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to put this out.  I’ve been working on my transition back in to the world and so far everyone has been great with helping me out with everything. I kinda feel like a new born, HA. Anyway, I just wanted to write something and post it up for everyone to see that I’m out now and am doing ok. Most of all I want to say thank you to everyone for helping me with everything during my incarceration. It’s still so very surreal. Prison was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but people like all of you who exist with your endless love:  I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I would also like to thank you for all the help you’ve been giving my four friends during their stint in Dante’s Inferno. It’s really hard to put into words how much all of you mean to me. Because of you I’ve been able to survive and stay strong. Your solidarity continues to leave me speechless. I want to thank you for all the books and amazing letters that I received. I hope my letters made it to you. I did my best to personally write everyone back and if you didn’t here back from me it’s prolly because the gestopo was withholding my mail. I want to personally thank the whole A.R.A. network, Denver, New York, and south side ABC, and every other chapter in between; Kieran (your mom’s books are great), Philly antifa, Kat from Oak Roots Press, all the kids in Germany, Allina Dollot in France, and especially my home crew in Lafayette and Bloomington (you guys are the best!), my big brothers NOMAD and TELLY; oh and my homie Petey from Sacramento Prisoner Support. Last but not least I wanna thank two very special people that I hold very dear to my heart:  Stephanie from the Bloomington ABC and Sara Garber, my amazing lawyer. If I believed in guardian angels I would be convinced that you two were the real deal… I love you both soooooo fucking much! Thank you to anyone who wrote a letter; went to a fundraiser; made a visit; told some one about our case; and kept me, John, Jason, Cody, and Dylan in your hearts.  All of you mean so much to me; without you all of this would have been a nightmare. Thank you so, so much!

H.A.R.M. SKIN for life!


Love and Rage,
Alex Stuck



Welcome home Alex. Everyone is so happy you are free.


Philly Antifa


From One Peoples Project: The annual ritual of making David Irving’s life miserable is about to begin again! Here’s a refresher: Every year the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving comes out to the US from the UK, and attempts to hold meetings and talks to promote his notion that the Nazis were just misunderstood and they didn’t really kill over 11 million innocent people , six million of them the Jews they hated so much.  This year, he is going around the country extolling the virtues of Adolf Hitler! (click link for more)


Irving’s tour begins today in Melbourne, FL. Here is a complete list of the dates and locations.


November 6- Melbourne, FL

November 7- charleston, SC

November 8- Columbia, SC

November 9- Carlotte NC

November 10- Raleigh, NC

November 11- Richmond, VA

Novmeber 15- Washington DC

November 16- Baltimore

November 17- Philadelphia

November 18- Princeton

November 19- Northern NJ

November 22- NYC

November 23- New Haven

November 24-Manchester, NH

November 26-Syracuse, NY

Devcember 1- Cleveland, OH

December 2- Pittsburgh, OH

December 3- Columbus, OH

December 4- Cincinatti, OH

December 6- Indianapoli, IN

December 7- Chicago, Illinois

December 8- St. Louis, MO

December 9- Jackson Missisipi

December 10- Montgomery, AL

December 12- Nashville, TN

December 13- Knoxville, TN


Let’s show David Irving and his Nazi fans that he is not welcome anywhere. If you have any info, or to request info, about any of these events feel free to e-mail us at