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Support Irina Lipskaya, imprisoned anarchist and anti-fascist from Moscow


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27th of June 2013, arrest of Irina was prolonged until 2nd of October. She was arrested 2nd of July 2012, so now Irina has already spent more than one year in prison without a court! Arrest of Irina was prolonged due to dubious claims of her alleged “victims” that they still have not acquintanced themselves with the results of the investigation. 

Irina is accused of having taken part to an armed assault against a Nazi concert in Moscow club “Barrikada” the day she was arrested. She has been charged with three felonies, including “hooliganism, committed by a group and with a preliminary intent” and “involving minors to a felony hate crime”, as one of the persons arrested with her was 17 years old at the moment of the arrest. 

Irina was arrested just few days after her graduation from the Journalist Faculty of the Moscow State University. She needs a medical care for her hand, as she was stabbed by Nazis during a fight in 1st of May of 2011, but in remand prison she may not receive proper medical care. 

During the remand court session of 27th of June, Irina was strong and showed that system is not about to crush her.  She is also not in a need of material support. However moral support is necessary, full year of remand prison is hard for anyone and  during the investigation she has been betrayed by some of her former comrades. 

You may write to Irina to address


Irina Antonovna Lipskaya, k. 308

SIZO-6 “Pechatniki”

ul. Shosseynaya 92

109383 Moscow Russia


But note that letters in English are seldom accepted in Russian prisons, so if you do not have a chance to write in Russiam (f.e. by using simply phrases and translating them by google translation program), just send photos and postcards.

Police Arrest Another Antifascist For Alleged Involvement in Tinley Park Incident


Jason Hammond, longtime Antifascist activist and brother of imprisoned Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond.

Sad news from Chicago (taken from here):

Dear friends,

As you may have heard, a valued member of our community has been taken away from us. Jason Hammond was arrested July 11 for allegedly being involved in an altercation between an anti-racist group and white supremacists in Tinley Park, IL over a year ago.

We are asking for your support so Jason can have a fair chance to fight this case from outside prison. Jason is an active member of our community who is committed to helping people through music, teaching and social justice activism.He is currently being held at Cook County Jail with an unreasonably high bail of $100,000 cash. This means that 100% of the bail amount must be paid for Jason’s freedom. 

Every donation counts! Small donations are currently being used for his commissary and legal fees. If you are considering pledging a large amount of money, you should know that this will be a loan and that it will be returned upon sentencing.
Please forward this message widely and rapidly so that we can return Jason to his loved ones as soon as possible.

For Pledges Contact:

-Jason Hammond Defense Committee



On a personal note, we at Philly Antifa are saddened and outraged to hear about this ridiculous persecution of Jason.  For us his “guilt” of being involved in shutting down a major meeting of individuals representing several Neo-Nazi organizations (which we doubt seriously) is not the issue.  Maybe Jason is an innocent victim of targeting by law enforcement because of his and/or his brother’s activism. Maybe he is one of the courageous antifascists who stormed that restaurant.  Either way he deserves our support.

You can donate to Jason’s Bail fund here or by visiting the Prisoner Support page.

Free The Tinley Park Five SIX and all Prisoners.