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UPDATED: Chicago Antifa Smoke Bomb Boyd Rice Show


Rape T-shirt and Swastika Pendant? Stay Classy, Boyd

UPDATED 6/27/2013: So according to South Side Chicago ARA, the show did eventually go on after the venue was evacuated for a period of time.  We apologize for the inaccuracy of the original post, and were basing it off of a post on Chicago Indymedia.

As a side note, people who comment on these stories really should realize two things:

1) We live in Philly. This happened in Chicago. Do you really think we were claiming responsibility?
2) Comments are default disabled on posts.  So when you post a comment and then check back 30 seconds later and don’t see it, it’s not censorship. It’s us not wanting to wade through the endless racist trolling that accompanies most of what we post.  This is not a message board. Furthermore, when you comment “get a life” and then check back 30 seconds later… maybe it is you who needs to get a life.

Apparently last night, while the Blackhawks were winning the Stanley Cup, some Chi-Town Antifascists took it upon themselves to attempt to shut down a show by Racist, Sexist, overall shitbag Boyd Rice in their town.

Click above link for more info on this and some background on just why so many people are opposed to Boyd Rice playing in their cities.

Rice is touring as NON in support of Cold Cave. They were originally booked to play Philly but after some complaints Rice was pulled from the show, and Cold Cave decided not to play in the city at all.  We can live without them.

Honey’s Sit N Eat Defaced with Swastika Graffiti

Honey's Sit N Eat in Northern Liberties

Honey’s Sit N Eat in Northern Liberties is reporting that Honey’s Sit N Eat restaurant in Northern liberties has been vandalized with what includes a Swastika. The graffiti was sprayed sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

It is unknown yet whether this was the work of someone trying to be shocking or a targeted attempt at intimidation.  This comes a few weeks after some more explicitly Neo-Nazi graffiti was covered up by Antifa in Kensington and Port Richmond.