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BREAKING: Two NJ Boneheads arrested on Federal Hate Crime Charges

NOTE: This story is still developing, and we will be updating it as we receive more information on these scumbags and their activities.


Chris Ising, member of ACS

Chris Ising, member of ACS

Two New Jersey Neo-Nazis were arrested for a hate crime they perpetrated in Sayreville, NJ on New Year’s eve last year following a “meet and greet” for area White-Supremacists.

As reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center,, and others, Christopher W. Ising of the Atlantic City Skinheads and Michael Gunar of Aryan Terror Brigade were taken into custody by FBI agents today.

According to the police, “…the defendants located and attacked three Middle Eastern men, shouting anti-Arab slurs, brandishing a knife, utilizing brass knuckles, and injuring two of the victims…”

Ising is a longtime member of ACS who was spotted in Philly in March at a Hank Williams III show making an ass of himself. He is a former student at Ocean County Community College.

“Ising has a record of violence. When he was 17, he pleaded guilty to pummeling a 14-year-old girl in the head with his fists and a crowbar. The girl, who had once dated Ising, was gravely injured. He spent 10 years in state prison.” (Nj.Com)

Two other ACS members, Cody and Warren Mieckle, were spotted a few weeks ago at The Blood show at Voltage lounge. Also with them were two member of the Confederate Hammerskins who claimed to be up from Virginia Beach.

This incursion by Neo-Nazi boneheads needs to be confronted and smashed at every opportunity. We cannot afford to wait for them to attack.

ARA Releases Information On Golden Dawn

For more information on this, visit the Anti-Racist Action Network website.

Congratulations to ARA-net for a successful operation.



Over the past two and a half months, Anti-Racist Action has been involved in a quiet campaign to stop the nationalist organization from expanding in North America. One of our goals, which we achieved with great success, was to gain intelligence on members of New York’s Golden Dawn chapter, their supporters, and members within the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York who might be sympathetic to their views.

We chose Chicago as a fictitious base for our operation because of its strong antifascist presence and the massive Greek population affected by the diaspora in and around the city. To us, it seemed highly probable that this may be one of the next major battlegrounds between Golden Dawn and anti-fascists in the US, and we wanted to lay claim before they could.

One of the main ways to halt any nazi organization from expanding, is by causing them to doubt any networking request they may receive from abroad. For this, we need your help. Here’s what we did, and what you can do, too, to stop them. <see above link>