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Reported by One People’s Project:

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—Ever since the neo-Nazi founder and leader of New Jersey’s largest and most violent neo-Nazi street gang was struck and killed by a bolt of lightning last year while working as a construction worker on the new Revel Casino,  his old gang has been attempting to benefit from the lack of attention to his history by the local media, politicians and even some of the leaders of the union he was a member of.  Now his widow, herself a longtime association of the crew he led, and his brother are planning an event next month at one of the city’s casinos purporting to benefit a foundation in his name.

On Sept 16 at the Golden Nugget Casino and Hotel, stand-up comedian Butch Bradley, who is a regular on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and has appeared on other programs such as Grounded for Life and the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and his brother Bryan’s widow Carmen plan a benefit for what is called “The Bryan P. Bradley Foundation for Fallen and Injured Workers”. According to Butch’s post on the Facebook Page for the event  – which is not able to be seen by all visitors – They plan to make this an annual event. “This event is going to be one of the biggest and best shows put on every year!” he wrote. “It will be a mixture of Live Music and stand-up comedy.”

The show will be a year and a day since Bryan Bradley was killed during a lightning strike that injured two of his co-workers, who along with his widow have since filed a lawsuit against their employers. The Revel Casino, which he was working on at the time of his death, opened in April 2012. Bradley is best known as the head of Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS), a neo-Nazi street gang he founded in the late 80s. They eventually became a well-known hate crew in New Jersey and the state’s largest. A number of hate rock bands have emerged from their ranks, such as the Voice, Call the Paramedics, Aggravated Assault and Chaos 88, the last two led by ACS founding member Warren Meickle. In the early days, the organization had a close association with the Hammerskin Nation (HSN), putting out patches in tribute to Nordic Thunder’s lead singer and Hammerskin Joe Rowan, who was killed in a fight with black youths in a Racine, Wisconsin convenience store in 1994. HSN has been in the news after Wade Mitchell Page, a Hammerskin member who played in several Hammerskin bands, including Blue Eyed Devils which formed out of remnants of Nordic Thunder, went on a shooting spree in a Sikh Temple that killed six people in Wisconsin last month. The patch featured the ACS logo of the Celtic Cross with five human skulls at its base.

For it’s part, ACS has also engaged in brutal violence and murder in its over twenty year history, most notably in 2005, when one of its associates Walter Dille, carjacked and killed a black woman as she sat outside a movie theatre in her car in Atlantic City. He is now serving a life sentence for the murder.

In the year since Bradley’s death, very little if at all is mentioned in the media of Bradley’s legacy. Instead he has been painted as a wrong victim and somewhat martyr for the working class. In April, Bradley’s name was added to a monument at Kennedy Plaza on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City which features the names of those who were killed in the workplace, with a ceremony that included state senators and union members, including Senator Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic) and State Assemblyman and John Amodeo, R-Atlantic. It is not certain if the Senator and Assemblyman knew of Bradley prior to the ceremony.

So who the fuck are ACS?

The Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) are a bonehead crew centered between Atlantic City and Philadelphia that have been hanging around since (depending on who you ask) somewhere between 1988 and 1992.

An old picture of some of the early members of ACS. Standing is their reputed “leader,” Bryan Bradley. Sitting in the chair is Chaos 88 member Scott Hudson. Also pictured are Warren Mieckle and Chris Arlan.

ACS has not been politically active for most of their history.  They participated in a KKK demonstration in Elkton, MD early on in their history, but for the past 20 years or so have mostly been a social group. This, however, has not prevented them from being extremely dangerous.

In 1995 AC Skin Christopher Crumb was convicted of murdering an elderly disabled black man in a lot behind the Chelsea Pub in Atlantic City, a longtime hangout for the gang.

Christopher Crumb

In 1999 former AC Skin Dennis Lurty, Jr. and his father were both arrested for weapons charges. Lurty Jr. was on probation for a racist attack several years earlier and was give 7 years for the violation.  His father received probation.

One ACS member, Walter Diller JR, is currently serving life in prison for the murder/robbery of a black woman.

In addition to Bradley (Deceased), Hudson and Mieckle:

Some other known members of ACS are:

Chris and Melissa Arlan

“Cody” and Owen Carr

Fil, Mieckle, Chris and Vincent Defelice

Martin Schlacteer, lead singer of “Call the Paramedics’ and “Eat the Turnbuckle”

Ben Dipilla

ACS has been more active since the death of Bradley, having been spotted at shows in NJ and Philly in recent months.

That partnered with the event being planned in Atlantic City should be a wakeup call to all those opposed to Fascism to mobilize against these scumbags.

ALERT: KSS Planning RAC/Hate Rock Show in Harrisburg Area Sept. 8th

Taken from One People’s Project:

One People’s Project

HARRISBURG, PA, Aug. 13–One People’s Project, a Philadelhia-based watchdog group that monitors right wing groups and individuals, is alerting all possible venues in the Harrisburg, PA area that the neo-Nazi organization Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) host a concert there on Sept 8, 2012.

As has been the case with white supremacist events in general, KSS is keeping their concert location a secret. It is likely that they are using a different name or purpose for booking a venue to dupe them into hosting. Some of these promoters and bands have also in the past successfully encouraged local venues to focus more on the money they will make from such a show and ignore the politics.

It is recommended that these venues in the Harrisburg, PA area are particularly mindful of any bookings forSept. 8, in the event that this unwanted booking might be taking place.


One band booked to this show is Chaos 88, which is an Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) band fronted by Warren Mieckle, pictured here:


1st Person Account from Brawl at Champs in Trenton involving AC Skins

For those who don’t remember, a few months back there was a brawl that broke out between several boneheads from Atlantic City “Skinheads” ACS and a few DRI fans that had gone to their show in trenton.

The initial report:

We at Philly Antifa recently came across a 1st person account of the melee posted on and thought our readers might find it amusing.  Keep in mind there is now way to verify all or part of this account, but the person does seem to know Champs and Trenton fairly well:

From metaluprising:

This is what happened from my point of view for those who didnt see it…

So 2 of my band members work at this bar/venue as security for shows. I go and help them out and get in to shows for free and shit. I been doing it pretty much since I joined the band.

Well around 7-8pm tonight, My buddy tells me ACS is in the house and theyre rolling like 10 deep. I was like are we gonna roll them out like whats the deal? He was like let them play their set then we’ll just tell them to leave cause if not shit is gonna pop off. So once the fucking Nazi band started playing, their friends were in the pit knocking people out and shit on purpose and being dicks. They covered a scredriver song which is like the most well known nazi punk band. SO after they were done, the girl that books the shows went up to the singer and was like listen can yous just pack up and go or youre going to have trouble. The band didnt want any problems but their friends were the ones stirring shit up. Then a bunch of punk kids put on the jukebox a fuck nazi scum song and were like screaming it loud as fuck.

SO anyway, one of the nazis went up to a jewish dude and said fuck jews basicallly. Now where this bar is is in a very urban part of Trenton where you get all walks of life, Whites, blacks, mexicans, asians, and we all get along. SO thats when the young jawn busted through the door where the stage is and says theres a fight at the bar, my boys were across the room so i didnt have time to grab them, and when I got out there it was like a scene from a movie. pool balls pool sticks, bottles broken bottles, glasses were all being used as weapons and it was like 5 on 5. like the jewish dude, and 4 black guys against the nazis, one of the nazis grabbed a bottle and threw it acroos the room and hit the bar tender a white guy in the head causing him to bleed out and then one of the black dudes ran behind the bar grabbed a gallon of something and threw it and hit the dude in the back of the head. by this time i’m in the middle of it along with about 3 other people trying to break it up and just put my body in the way cause i dont want these assholes to kill eachother and get the spot shut down, our band does real good here, its like our spot.

SO anyway it was like 3 dudes trying to break up 10 dudes fighting, then the bartender who fucking got hit with a bottle busted out a bat and slammed it hard on the steel cooler jawn it was so loud everyone got quiet and he was like nazis get the fuck out. finally the nazis realized they were outnumbered and went outside, but didnt back down. I was holding the jewish dude back who was totally bugging out cause he got a broken nose and hit in the head with a bottle. it took alot for me to hold this dude back, but i kept him against the car just asking him to calm down take a walk with me whatever…. SO my boys come out and theyre like listen, we know who you are, just get the fuck out before you get stomped they were like alright just let us get our shit. SO the band was escorted by one of my friends in to get there shit… and we were outside for like a full 5 mins without any violence, just shit talk. and people holding other back and blah blah, finally, 3 of the black dudes got lose so i just let my guy go said fuck it, i thought i was going to see a good fight. Those pussy nazis got knocked out cold so fucking fast it was ridiculous. 2 black dudes went on the one, knocked him out, the jewish guy koncked out the other one, but he knocked him out and then continued to hit him until his face looked like a brain it was so mashed up his teeth went through his gums and were knocked out he hit him as hard as he could i would say like 15-20 times before my buddy thrw him off him, blood everywhere he was gurgling… the other dude was snoring, then they went after the big nazi who was running and fucked him up. I just watched in like shock i couldnt belive how quick it escalated to we’re leaving to dudes like dying on theground and shit.

finally the dudes were cool with retreated to the front of the building. I went out there and told them to dissapear cause the cops were prolly coming and made sure they were alright. I went inside and made sure all my friends and the girls were good. i went outside these 3 dudes were still unconcsious. like eyes rolled back in the head and everything, beat up bad, the jewish dude was still fighting and they finally got him off, they pulled their car up and peeled their unconcious friends who had been out a good 5 minutes off the ground, and fucking tried to run over the jewish dude but just hit his leg.

I went inside to wash my hands, i had blood spatter all over my fucking brand new MDk shirt. but it will wash out whatever. strangely the cops never showed. they show for like the smallest shit to. But supposedly since these dudes are ACS they wont involve cops and theyll just retaliate some how. Whatever, fucking they came there, looking for trouble and they got it bad, i thourhg they would be a little tougher, damn they went down quick. but tbh that was the worst fight I seen and I seen some bad onces, i mean that many people swingin around weapons, i’m lucky all i got was someone elses blood on me. glad me and my friends were ok…”

The same user then posted this gem from “the last time I heard of Nazis coming to a show.”

KSS/A3P Front Group “The European American Action Coalition’s” Event Cancelled by Moosic Borough

Reported by One Peoples Project:

MOOSIC, PA–An annual event that was to be held Saturday sponsored by an organization founded by a veteran neo-Nazi who last month became a Republican committeman in his county has been canceled by town officials after it was learned he lied on his application about his residency. The cancellation comes just days after it was learned a white power record label connected to the Hammerskin that shot and killed six persons in a Sikh temple on Sunday was promoting the event.

“I regret to inform you that the 3rd annual European American Heritage Celebration this Saturday has been canceled due to the borough of Moosic shutting the event down,” Ryan Wojtowicz of the European American Action Coalition (EAAC) wrote on the group’s Facebook page. “I want to personally apologize to everyone that planned to make it to this event. The borough of Moosic has violated our freedom of speech and our right to peacefully assemble – action WILL be taken against the borough for their discriminatory acts against the EAAC.”

According to Moosic Borough Council President Joseph Mercatil
i however, event organizer and EAAC founder Steve Smith claimed to live in Moosic by using the address of a friend of his girlfriend’s when he actually lives in nearby Pittston. The borough limits reserving use of the park and its pavilion for organized events to its residents.

The event had taken place in the park two years in a row without opposition, but after Wade Michael Page’s assault on a Sikh temple in Oak Park, WI when afterwards it was revealed that he was a musician that recorded for the neo-Nazi Label 56, it also was discovered that the record label was promoting the event in Moosic as well. Smith and Wojtowicz, both associates of the Keystone State “Skinheads” are also close to the owners of Label 56, who themselves run the Maryland “Skinheads”.

In June, Smith made news when he won an election with one vote – possibly his – to become a Republican Committeman in Luzerne County, PA. Luzerne County GOP chairman Terry Casey called Smith’s viewpoints “despicable,” but last month Kingston, PA attorney Bill Urbanski defeated Smith to become the new Chairman. And on his Facebook page Smith implied that he might be more receptive to him. “I questioned him about my situation and he seems to be a true pro-liberty conservative from the answer he gave me,” he wrote. “Terry Casey shot himself in the foot (with me anyway) when he sent out that absure press release about my election.”


The EAAC is actually a front group for 2 other Nazi organizations, The Keystone State Skinheads and the American 3rd Position Party of NJ and PA, who have been working together closely for several years. Those groups together organized last year’s “Leif Ericson Day Celebration” in Philadelphia that was crashed by Philly Antifa and some members of Occupy Philadelphia. They also sometimes operate under the banner of the “Council for Conservative Citizens,” another racist group.

Some members of the EEAC/A3P/KSS that were at Leif Ericson day, as well as past “European American Heritage” celebrations include:


From L to R: Ryan Wojitowicz, Jason Honeywell and Steve Smith.

Image        AJ Olsen

Image   Robert Gaul

Image      Jake “Clink”

Image    Kevin McKeegan

Image         Jimmy “Thorson”

As the article above states, this seems to be the result of recent media attention to Label 56, which is run by Richard Haught from the Maryland Skinheads (MDS). MDS’ website recently lapsed on it’s URL and the group’s activities have been limited to running label 56 in recent years.

UPDATED: Sikh Temple Shooter was a Hammerskin; his Ex-GF arrested !


For those of you who have not heard (which is unlikely),  there was a racist terror attack by a bonehead (Nazi skinhead) on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin which left six people and said bonehead dead.

For more info:

One Peoples Project has a detailed report of Wade’s long history in WP groups and circles, including the Hammerskins. Wade was also a former soldier in the Army who had worked in their “Psychological Warfare” department.

As reported by Feministing and CNN, that shooter, Wade Michael Page, 40, was a member of the White Power band “End Apathy.”

End Apathy was signed to Label 56, a white-power label run my Maryland Skinheads member Clemie “Richard” Haught, pictured here:


End Apathy was featured at “Uprise 2010,” a bonehead music festival organized by Keystone State Skinheads, Maryland Skinheads and Label 56 that took place in Maryland in 2010.

Already, the boneheads from Label 56 are trying to erase all mention of End Apathy form their websites and store.

Here is a thread on Stormfront started by a username called “End Apathy” discussing their plans to play the festival.

2010 appears to have been the last time Uprise was organized, indicating the decline of KSS/MDS in recent years.

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Wade’s ex-girlfriend, Misty Cook, was arrested after an illegal gun was found in the home that they shared.  She had moved out just a few weeks before the shooting.

Cook is or was an active member of Volksfront, another international bonehead organization.