ALERTA: Trump in Philly TOMORROW 9/2 @ NOON


WHEN: Friday, 9/2/2016 @ Noon
WHERE: People for People Charter School, 800 N. Broad
WHAT: Show Trump he is NOT WELCOME in Philly

This is short notice because it was intentionally kept secret, but The Inquirer is reporting that Donald Trump will be attending a private meeting with conservative Black voters above the People for People Charter school, run by the Greater Exodus Church.

The hall was rented out by the Trump campaign. Trump was not invited by anyone associated with Greater Exodus, nor anyone at all as far as we know.

A demonstration has been called by Philly Coalition for REAL Justice to oppose Trump, and we would like to encourage all Antifa who are able to go and lend their support.

Philly Police Officer Outed as White Supremacist with Ties to Blood and Honour

Update 9/2: Some members of the media are incorrectly attributing Lichterman’s leave from work in the early 2000’s to the Blood and Honour hack in 2010 and also reporting that he has been on Philly PD payroll during the time he was reportedly (by himself on social media) working as a security contractor in the middle east, so we have updated that section with a more thorough explanation of our observations during that time. We also added the connection between the e-mail used in the BNH hack and Lichterman’s badge number.

Two updates 9/1:
We previously incorrectly implied that the “311” in Lichterman’s flikr and instagram accounts might be a reference to an outdated number code for KKK, but several people pointed out to us that “0311” is the Marine Occupational Speciality (MOS) code for a rifleman.

We also removed an erroneous description of Lichterman engaging in Third Reich soldier “Cosplay,” after an actual Cosplayer contacted us and informed us that they are actually engaging in re-enactment and wearing uniforms, not costumes, and asked that we not associate their generally badass hobby with Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. Apologies to cosplayers.

Ian Hans Lichterman (left) with 2 fellow Nazi reenactors enthusiasts. Lichterman is a current or former member of the WP network Blood and Honour and an active Philly PD Officer

Ian Hans Lichterman (left) with 2 fellow Nazi reenactors. Lichterman was previously outed as a member of the WP network Blood and Honour and is an active Philly PD Officer


Those of our readers who have been Anti-Fascists for a few years may remember that during a period from 2010-2012 there were several successful hacks of Neo-Nazi websites that led to the identification of dozens of Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists.

One of the more interesting cases was that of Ian Hans Lichterman. Lichterman was listed as a member of Blood and Honour, an international network of Neo-Nazi organizations started by Ian Stuart Donaldson, the lead singer of Skrewdriver. Upon some investigating, it was discovered that Lichterman was also a Philly PD officer who had even recently been commended at a crime stoppers awards ceremony. The e-mailed listed alongside his name with the leak,, seemed to refer to Lichterman’s badge number, 3155. The address that was also leaked with the name and e-mail is owned by Lichterman and his wife, fellow Philly PD officer Susan Bevidas.

Shortly after the hack, Lichterman appeared to leave the the Philly PD and to be working as a private security contractor (mercenary) in the middle east, presumably using his connections from his time as a Marine. Hoever, members of the media have note that during this time Lichterman was still on Philly PD payrolls. So either the move was ruse because people had been calling Philly PD asking about him and his affiliations… or he was kept on the books while working abroad for some reason. Recently, at the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice’s march during the DNC, someone noticed that one of the bike cops working the event had some shady tattoos. That cop has been identified as Ian Lichterman, back on duty in Philly.

Iron Cross Tat on Left Elbow is just the beginning

Iron Cross Tat on Left Elbow is just the beginning

One was a rather generic Nationalist tattoo of an AR-15 over an american flag with “For God and Country” written above it. That is the motto of the American Legion, a veterans organization that was very sympathetic to Fascism in Europe before WWII.

“The president of the American Legion in 1923 was quoted as saying, ‘If ever needed, the American Legion stands ready to protect our country’s institutions and ideals as the Fascisti dealt with the destructionists who menaced Italy.’ In reply to whether this meant taking over the government, he said ‘Exactly that. The American Legion is fighting every element that threatens our democratic government-soviets, anarchists, I.W.W., revolutionary socialists and every other Red ..Do not forget that the Fascisti are to Italy what the American Legion is to the United States.'”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the other tattoo was this:

real subtle, Ian

real subtle, Ian

That eagle design is called a partieadler. With wings outstretched and a simplistic design, the partieadler is distinct from the national emblem in every other era of German history, a history that stretches from the reichsadler’s first appearance in the 12th century, to its present design. It is the eagle of Nazi Germany specifically. And the word “fatherland” is also a reference to Nazi rhetoric oft-used to describe Germany during the Third Reich.

Oh, and then there’s these:

Ian Hans Lichterman (left) with 2 fellow Nazi reenactors. Lichterman is a member of the WP network Blood and Honour and an active Philly PD Officer

Ian Hans Lichterman (left) with 2 fellow Nazi reeanctors.


nice spelling of "Socialist"

willing to kill people who hold a political belief he can’t spell

“True Americans” haven’t felt so safe since Hulkamania was taking over.

self-describing as an "infidel" is a common trope by Anti-Muslim racists.

self-describing as an “infidel” is a common trope by Anti-Muslim racists.

Those pics are taken from Lichterman’s flikr account, which is under “Panzerhund0311.”

It is obvious from his past association with Blood and Honour, his Nazi tattoos, his affinity for dressing up as a Third Reich soldier and his reactionary, racist, anti-communist photoshops that Ian Hans Lichterman is an extreme danger to the people of Philadelphia (especially People of Color, Muslims and Anti-Racists) as long as he has a gun and a badge.

This information coming to light could lead to Lichterman’s removal, but one thing is certain: it will not change the fact that Police were developed specifically to protect White Supremacy and Patriarchy in this country. As long as Philly PD exist, their ranks will be full of the bigoted, power-hungry and corrupt, as well as a handful of fools and cowards who get the “good cop” label and serve to protect people like Lichterman.

For a world without Cops or Nazis, or Nazi Cops.


ALERT: National Socialist Movement Meet and Greet to be Held in Northern PA on Saturday 8/13

ulysses flyer

According to the NSM’s website and several event websites they plan to hold a “Meet and Greet” event in Ulysses, PA this Saturday at 4pm.

The event is being hosted by Daniel and Sabrina Burnside, who live at 406 State Street in Ulysses. Their house is not easy to miss at it proudly displays a Swastika flag outside.

Daniel works as a wood sculptor under the name “Lion’s Den Carvings” (link is to a video from a “Carving Rondevous” that his work was featured at. At 4:30 in the vid) and also does Tattoos out of his home as “Lion’s Den Tattoo & Piercing

The NSM recently held a disastrous attempt at a “White Lives Matter” rally in Buffalo, NY and were routed by local Anti-Racists and Anti-Fascists. Ulysses is only about 2.5 hours from Buffalo, but it is unknown whether The Burnsides were in attendance.

Atlantic City Boneheads Sink NJ Drug Ring

Benjamin DiPilla, Atlantic City Skinheads member, recently arrested for cocaine distribution.

Benjamin DiPilla, Atlantic City Skinheads member, recently arrested for cocaine distribution.

This little gem slipped by us when it went down a few months ago. It didn’t register on our radar because we are not in the business of monitoring narcotics dealers. We do not support drug enforcement and believe that decriminalization and harm reduction are the best ways to fight addiction.

That said, anyone who associates with people like the Atlantic City “Skinheads” deserve what’s coming to them.

According to dozens of media outlets, what began as an investigation by the state Attorney General into ACS and its members quickly morphed into a drug sting. According to

“Operation Skin Deep, as the investigation was called, started out as a surveillance operation targeting white supremacist groups in Atlantic City. While monitoring the activity of one group, the Atlantic City Skin Heads, detectives identified several individuals who appeared to be selling cocaine, according to Peter Aseltine, a spokesman for the attorney general.”

DiPilla has been featured on our “Local Nazi and Fascists” page for years now. Rumors have always circulated around Philly and NJ that ACS was involved in drug dealing, but I guess now there is some evidence to that.

From the Ocean City Patch:

“Benjamin DiPilla, 28, is charged with second-degree distribution of cocaine and second-degree conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Additionally, 62-year-old Thomas Bullock, of Millville, is charged with first-degree distribution of cocaine and second-degree conspiracy to distribute cocaine; and 31-year-old Thomas White, of Galloway, is charged with first-degree distribution of cocaine and second-degree conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The arrests of DiPilla, Bullock and White led to the first-degree racketeering indictment charging 12 men in connection with a drug ring that marketed cocaine and designer drugs online and distributed them via the mail.”

It is unclear from the articles whether DiPilla was involved in the ring directly or just bought from them and then flipped it locally, but the article does seem to imply that Dipilla and his cohorts might have had something to do with the other indictments.

We will post more details as we find them.


ALERT: Counter the Westboro Baptist Church at the Mazzoni Center 7/26


When: 7/26/2016 @ 1:45 PM
Where: Mazzonni Center, 809 Locust Street Philly
What: Confront the Homophobic, Sexist and Racist Westboro Baptist Church and let them know they aren’t welcome in our city.

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to protest outside The Mazzoni center briefly during the DNC. Several counter protests have been called, and we are encouraging Anti-Fascists in the city to take an hour to tell them to fuck right off.

The Mazzoni center has provided cheap and free medical services to LGBTQ people in the city since 1979. That is something that should be celebrated; not protested. Join us in letting Westboro Baptist Church that they aren’t welcome in Philly (or anywhere) and that no one is intimidated or impressed by their circus act.

Queers Bash Back.

Antifa Philadelphia

Call for the 2nd Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, July 25, 2016

Taken from NYC Antifa: Click Link for full article along with prisoner information.


In the year since the first July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners in 2015, there has been a disturbing increase of Far Right activity worldwide. Every day brings news of some new wave of reaction—in the name of nationalism and security—which demonizes refugees and immigrants, stokes hatred for Muslims, and attacks LGBTQ and other oppressed groups fighting for their liberation and their very lives.

We see Nigel Farage and UKIP in the UK, the Burmese magazine The Irrawaddy, the Front National in France, and Donald Trump in the U.S. all making the same racist claims about refugees using almost identical Far Right language. In response, anti-fascists from Poland, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Greece, France, Sweden, the United States, and all points in between, have the same response to this bigoted garbage:


Antifascists are on the front lines in the fight against these fascist and other Far Right nationalist nightmares. In the U.S. we have already seen a large increase in antifa arrests at increasingly confrontational demonstrations against KKK and similar rallies. Internationally, there has also been an increase in street confrontations, and unfortunately this means more repression by the State. We will not allow our comrades—surrounded by steel cages and concrete walls—to be forgotten.

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners originated in 2014 as the Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria for defending two Romani men from an attack by fascist football hooligans. In 2015, we expanded our solidarity efforts to include all antifascist prisoners across the globe. There were a variety of actions around the world: groups held benefit concerts, movie nights, talks, raffles, banner drops, letter-writings, and literature distribution on the street and at a punk festival. Others did photo-ops and videos, and issued statements of solidarity.

We call on anti-fascists worldwide to act in solidarity with antifascist prisoners! Consider having an event or dedicating an action to them. They are in there for us, and we are out here for them!

No Pasaran!
Until All Are Free!

Below is a list of global antifascist prisoners. Translations of the call are coming shortly. Please contact us: if you know an antifa prisoner who is missing form the list (include their details, and what languages they can read); if you can help translate the call; or if you are planning an event that, so that we can help publicize it:

Note that there is a separate call for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners, from July 1-10, 2016. It doesn’t matter if you want to participate in one or both calls, as long as you show your solidarity!

2nd day of pro-Nazi Oi fest at Santos – Shut It Down!

From NYC Antifa:

The second day of the pro-Nazi, “Rock Against Communism” Oi Fest will be held at Santos Party House — where it was also held last year.


We recommend writing a review on Facebook of the venue, calling them out for repeatedly hosting fascist bands. Santos is co-owned by Andrew WK, so feel free to contact him, too!

ANDREW WK on Twitter:

Chip Su: 212-584-5492,
Jackalyn Tipchaieuh: (out of the office but send her an email anyway!)

Videos from Saturday’s sets show the bands wearing Nazi skinhead t-shirts and playing Nazi skinhead songs, while the fans are sieg heiling. In the past, racist and antisemitic political groups have also tabled the Oi Fest and related RAC shows.

Make it clear that we will launch a citywide boycott of Santos if they Oi Fest is held there!

ALERT: Shut Down the pro-Nazi, RAC “Oi Fest” tonight at the Black Bear!

Our friends at NYC Antifa have discovered the venue for this year’s “NYC Oi Fest,” which (just like last year) is full of right-wing bands with ties to Neo-Nazi organizations, musicians and labels.

From their blog:

Another pro-Nazi, Rock Against Communism “Oi Fest” is being held this weekend at the Black Bear in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The first show is today, Saturday May 28, at the club located on 70 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is the second time this year that the Black Bear has hosted a fascist-linked show.

Call, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and leave Yelp reviews for the Black Bear and tell them to cancel the show tonight, and what you think of them booking pro-Nazi bands.

Phone: 917.538.8399

“Rock Against Communism” (RAC) was a name invented by Nazi skinheads in the 1980s to make themselves sound less like, well, Nazis. Today the new RAC scene has become multi-racial, but the bands play the old Nazi songs, sieg heil at shows, play Blood and Honor concerts, welcome patched-in Nazi skinhead gang members at their shows, and have racist political groups table at their concerts.

For more information on the fest and those involved organizing it, here are some recent articles from Idavox and The SPLC on it.

“Nazi Cabbie” Gabriel Diaz Caught Attempting to Infiltrate Antifa

Gabriel Diaz: National Socialist Infiltrator and Stooge for the National Socialist Movement

Gabriel Diaz: National Socialist Infiltrator and Stooge for the National Socialist Movement

About a year ago, Anti-Fascists around the country started seeing a man calling himself Mohammed coming out to demonstrations against Neo-Nazis and Klan as well as Anti-Fascist/Leftist events and conferences and trying to get involved in the Anti-Fascist movement.

“Mohammed” has been busy the past year, travelling from his home in the Bronx to places like Ohio, Georgia and here in Philly trying to make connections with Antifa and extract personal information from them. He managed to get a couple phone numbers and promptly handed them over to the National Socialist Movement (NSM). The NSM’s “head of security” Mike Scholer, then began making harassing and threatening phone calls to those Antifascists.

Fortunately, Scholer is about as smart as the rest of the NSM and couldn’t help but let certain clues slip during his calls that allowed Anti-Facists to realize not only that there was in infiltrator in their midst, but that the only person it could have been was “Mohamed.”

From there it wasn’t hard to figure out that “Mohammed” was actually Gabriel Diaz, also known as “The Nazi Cabbie,” who grabbed headlines 2 years ago when he suspended for 30 days after being photographed driving his cab around Manhattan wearing a Swastika Armband. Diaz got his license back after the suspension, but it is unknown whether he is still working as a cab driver or not.

Diaz was confronted when he attempted to join the May Day event in Union Square in NYC and sent packing. Scroll down in the link for video. Fliers with his face and affiliations were circulated among the crowd and he was told that if he is seen at any further leftist or Antifascist events he would be treated like any other Nazi bonehead.

Diaz is living in the Bronx, and during the time of his suspension was living with family. His parents had previously tried to blame Diaz’s fascist politics on mental illness, but when someone is putting Anti-Racists in danger by giving their information to members of the NSM, their mental stability ceases to be an issue. It is also all-too-common for people to try and pathologize Nazism as a way to avoid the hard truth that their friend or family member wholeheartedly believes in social Darwinism, eugenics, militarism, racism, sexism and homophobia. Furthermore, clearly Diaz’s parents claims that they would “handle” their son so he wouldn’t harm anyone were empty.

Here is an interview Diaz gave with the local news right after he was suspended. He proclaims himself to be a proud National Socialist, denies the holocaust and defends Hitler. Does Diaz appear to be unaware of his surroundings or not in control of his faculties? He certainly was sane enough to maintain an alter ego, book plane tickets, keep up correspondence with Antifa AND The NSM, etc. More to the point, there are many people who do not fit the definition of “sane” who manage to not engage in this bullshit. Anti-Semitic paranoia does sometimes manifest in Schizophrenics, but not usually accompanied with full National Socialist ideology. Nor spying for an all-white, Hitlerist, Klan-Allied, White Power organization like the NSM.

Gabriel Diaz being sane or not is not the reason he is the way he is. Fascist, racialist politics are not strictly the purview of white people. Diaz is a Nazi and a Fascist just as much as any bonehead or Klansmen and should be treated as one. If this is hard to wrap your mind around, we recommend this article by Spencer Sunshine, in which Sunshine gives an accurate account of the very complicated and nuanced state of the racist right today.

Anti-Fascists around the country should be vigilant that Diaz may try and form a new identity and start again infiltrating leftist circles or that the NSM may try again with another agent. The best way to prevent that is to spread this information far and wide.

If anyone spots Diaz at any Anti-Racist or Anti-Fascist events please e-mail us at with details.

ANTI-FASCIST ALERT: Racist, Xenophobic “3%ers” Rallying in Philly Tomorrow 3/5/16


When: March 6th, 2016
When: 12:30pm
Where: 6th and Market

This Saturday, the Three Percenters — a militia grouping with close ties to group of white supremacists, right wing ideologues and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists that recently occupied a wildlife refuge on stolen Native land in Oregon — are coming to Philadelphia and 21 other cities across the country. They will gather in front of regional FBI offices to “avenge the death of Finicum,” the man who was shot by the FBI as the occupation ended, and to gather strength for their cause.

The circumstances of Finicum’s, or the fact that law enforcement in the U.S. clearly has been given a license to kill under any circumstances aside, this group still must be opposed whenever mobilizing in our city. In fact, their attempting to organize in Philly under the auspices of opposition to state violence is even more of a threat because it makes their group seem more relevant and reasonable (as well as media savvy) due to all of all the recent momentum in the BLM movement and other movements against state violence.

Some of the 3%ers attending will most definitely include members of “Americans First,” who recently rallied in Reading and Lancaster against allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. They were opposed by Anti-Fascists at both events.
A protest has been called by Philly Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ), a white liberal Anti-Racist group. In addition, we are calling on all Anti-Fascists to come out and show them some Philly hospitality.

The racists have called their meeting point at liberty plaza at 6th and Market for 1:00-2:00pm. The liberals will be marching in at around that time. We suggest Anti-Fascists should stay in buddies or affinity groups and keep a low profile until the racists show themselves to avoid early police attention. If you get there early to scout around, tweet us @phillyantifa with any info on the movements of the police or 3%ers. Once shit pops off, look for the Antifa Philadelphia banner.

Racists and Xenophobes are not welcome to freely organize in our city. That is true whether if it’s a Klan rally or a group of 3%ers standing around the liberty bell because the FBI shot their friend. We are not moved by their appeals to our opposition to state violence. Where were they for Eric Garner or Oscar Grant or Sandra Bland? Where is their solidarity for the Indigenous people murdered for the formation of their precious America and (white Christian) American Identity that they insist must always be “first?” Indigenous people whose land they occupied from federal control, not to return to the Paiute tribe, but in the name of privatization for capitalist exploitation.

Groups like the 3%ers and other pseudo-revolutionary reactionaries do nothing but harm real movements for liberation and revolution. Their racism and nationalism is incompatible with any sort of free world and we have no intention of letting them come through town without the welcome they deserve.

See you in the streets,